promoting conscious living


Give yourself the opportunity to explore deeper aspects of yourself.

In this retreat we will provide you with simple yet profound tools and techniques that can unlock the hidden powers of your subconscious mind to bring about deep and lasting healing.


This is a very different kind of yoga retreat program.  We encourage you to come on your own to allow yourself to be fully immersed in the program.  This is not a group experience, but a journey into the deepest aspects of yourself.  Come on your own, step outside of your comfort zone and allow profound healing to take place.  


We combine spiritual teachings and ancient yogic practices such as Sacred Breath Therapy alongside behavior modification techniques to begin to modify conscious and subconscious thought patterns, thus creating a more peaceful state of being.


This retreat provides you with profound techniques and teachings that you will be able to take with you and apply in your daily life.  However, none of this is accomplished without your hard work.  Through commitment and dedication you can realize the infinite power that lies just beneath the surface.

What sets this retreat apart is personal growth.

We have been guiding these retreat programs for years now, and through trial and error have found what works... and what doesn't.  Through a very personal and private practice of self - inquiry, private yoga classes, a complete ayurvedic lifestyle and dietary consultation combined with daily one on one sacred breath therapy sessions you will create a path to a better more fulfilling future.  

This is not a traditional yoga retreat.

You do not have to have a yoga practice, a yoga body, or know anything about yoga to join the Self Healing Retreat.  You will be given all of the tools that you need to develop a well rounded and personal yoga practice complete with meditation, breathwork, mantra, and more no matter where you are at in your practice. 

During this retreat you will gain access to a deeper level of awareness of the self.  Through an intensive practice of self inquiry you will gain the tools you need to live a happier & more fulfilling life.  You can do it, we can help. 

You will get to experience...


Daily Sacred Breath Therapy

Personal Practice of Self - Inquiry

Private Yoga and Meditation Instruction

Comprehensive Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

Ayurvedic Dietary Consultation


The Self-Healing Retreat requires you to commit to the appointed time. Patience and dedication for your own growth process are necessary in order to shed the protective layers in which we hide our pain.  Through a newfound practice of self-inquiry and personal practice you will gain the tools that you require to ease your transition back into real life. 


At the beginning of the program there is an in-depth assessment of the difficult areas in your life (anger, jealousy, resentment, pain, loss, bereavement, addiction, stress, food or body issues etc.).  You then choose the direction you want to focus on and we will also advise you on the areas we feel we will need to work on.


We recommend that you take this time to experience what it really means to "retreat".  Through a practice of self- inquiry you will be able to go much deeper into yourself than would be possible in any group experience.  To facilliate this, we recommend keeping books closed, computers and phones turned off, and away from distractions such as work or family. 


We offer an emotionally safe environment.  You can completely rely on the confidentiality and sensitivity of all of the staff.


"You are here on purpose. You can accomplish anything you desire, and you do it by being in harmony with the all-pervading force in the universe."

What’s included on this Retreat?

Daily Yoga Class (group)
Private Yoga Class
Complete Dietary Assessment
Complete Ayurvedic Health Consultation
Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Prescription
Daily Meditation Instruction
Prescribed Self - Inquiry Practice
Breakfast and Lunch Daily
Retreat Orientation Upon Arrival
Comprehensive Assessment of your Emotional Health
Daily Individual Sacred Breath Therapy Session
Evening Program such as DVD’s or

Audio’s on a variety of topics such as

Detoxification, Health and Wellness, Intention,

Goal Setting, Law of Attraction and more.
This Retreat does NOT include:
Airport Transfer
Ground Transportation / Taxi Services
Additional Spa Treatments or Therapies
Individualized Detox Program
Additional Meals, Beverages, Herbs, Etc.




“All you need, and ever will need is, and has always been right inside of you.” Andy Betancourt Self-Healing Retreat Director




Available Year Round







Various price options are available in each of our locations (deluxe, basic, budget).  We never want money to get in the way of you joining us.  We have flexible payment plans, budget accommodations, and financial aid available. Let us know what you need, we are here to help.


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